b.oooom.net provides a URL shortening service.

How to use

You can shorten URLs that include querystrings (http://www.domain.com/blah?something=value)

You can also add querystrings to redirect URLs and they will be passed to the target (http://b.oooom.net/id?something=value). If you don't like surprises when being redirected by sites like this, you can append /pause to the redirect URL. (This preference can be saved so that all redirect URLs are paused for you.)

Stick it in the form

To shorten a URL, please use the form below.

Stick it in your address bar

Point your browser at
to shrink it.

Even easier than that, add a Smart Keyword in FireFox (or whichever browser you're using that supports something similar). In FireFox, just right-click the form field above and choose "Add a Keyword for this search..." from the menu.

If you can't do that, then create a bookmark that points at http://b.oooom.net/shrink.php?url=%s. (Adjust to match your browser's way of doing it.)

Once you've done that, shrinking a URL is as easy as entering
shrink http://www.domain.com
into your address bar. Substitute "shrink" for whatever you used.


Please see the eggdrop page for information on setting up and using the script.

Usage Policy

b.oooom.net may not be used for naughty purposes e.g. in blog comment spam or bulk mailings, or deceptively masking a URL. Any redirects violating this policy will be removed. Abuse of the service will result in blocks on target URLs or hosts.


To report abusive use of this service, please email abuse@oooom.net. Please include the ID of the redirect(s) and if possible examples of where it was posted.

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